Separation And Severance Agreements

If your employment is coming to an end, either because you are moving on or because your employer is terminating your employment, I can provide you with assistance by negotiating the terms of your separation.

Many employers provide departing employees with proposed severance or separation agreements. A severance or separation agreement is an enforceable contract that defines the terms of the employee’s termination of employment. This kind of agreement usually includes severance benefits for the employee, such as the continuation of salary and medical benefits for a period of time, or a lump sum payment. In exchange for the severance payment, the employer usually requires the employee to sign a waiver releasing the employer from liability for certain employment-related claims. The agreement may also contain clauses that prevent the employee from disparaging the employer, or from competing with the employer or soliciting its clients or employees for a period of time.

I have experience reviewing severance and separation agreements. I advise clients on the ramifications of such contracts and can often leverage the facts of the case to negotiate better terms, such as larger severance amounts and longer periods of employer-paid health insurance. In most cases, I charge a flat fee to review and negotiate enhancements to severance or separation agreements.